At Family Pride of NEO we are committed to enhancing our agency by focusing on the following five core values. These core values help drive our client care, business development, new endeavors. These values help to guide our mission of engaging children and families with our innovative and professional services in the home and community.

Implement Intentional Financial Planning and Management Plan
“The” Mental Health Agency of Choice for Communities and Stakeholders
A Culture That Encourages Interpersonal and Professional Growth
Agile, Innovative, and Responsive to Community and Market Needs
A Leader in Providing Quality Care and Services

Vision for the Future

In the next 3-5 years we plan to….

  • Implement Intentional Financial management to Achieve Strategic Goal by FY24
  • Increase Agency Referral Sources by 50% and the Self- Referral Mix by 25% FY24
  • Implement and Execute Individual Development Plans (IDP) for all staff by FY24
  • Generate and Leverage Market Data by FY24
  • Leverage Client and Stakeholder Surveys and Internal Data to Improve Quality Outcomes by FY24

Mission Statement

Family Pride’s mission is to engage children and families with our innovative and professional clinical services in the home and community. The program is designed to empower our clients and their families to develop skills needed for coping, and a healthy lifestyle.

Core Values

Consistent with our mission statement, the Family Pride Team has developed the following Core Values to guide our daily actions. These values play a significant part in the agency’s ability to strategically plan for future services and success

Passion for serving others

Respect for individuals and families 

Integrity in the community 

Dedication to agency mission 

Empowerment of employees and clients