Family Pride: Adaptability & Adeptness in 2020

This year brought to our community many things — change, uncertainty, unrest, loss, confusion and at times, anger and despair.  In March of 2020, Family Pride, like many others, questioned how will we continue to keep our doors open, keep our staff employed, and help our clients and community make it through this pandemic.

Right away, as our in-person services halted, our team shifted to providing appointments via phone or virtually.  We developed clear safety protocols, purchased necessary PPE’s, and applied for several grants, not only to help sustain our organization, but to also provide relief for many of our clients who lost their jobs and have been unable to meet basic needs such as: housing costs, clothing, or food costs. 

Before we knew it, it was June. COVID-19, clearly, was not going away; the weather was warm, sunny and beautiful. Family Pride service returned to in-person appointments at our office locations and outdoors, as well as telehealth, only to shift back to telehealth to protect our clients, families and staff as covid cases increased across northeast Ohio. But we are still here! Ready to help families throughout northeast Ohio beat the stress and strain that this pandemic has put on us all!

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